Google expanding world domination with Seaview Great Barrier Reef

Google Ocean View Seaview Camera

The Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, is going to get the Google Seaview, or Ocean View treatment. In partnership with Catlin Group and some of the best Coral Reef scientists, parts of the 2,300km long Great Barrier Reef “rarely visited by science” will be documented with brand new technology to depths of 100m. Three surveys will be done: shallow reef, deep-water, and mega-fauna (Tiger Sharks, Manta Rays, and Green Turtles). Emmy award-winning cinematographer / shark researcher Richard Fitzpatrick is also on board. This will add a must-see highlight to Google Ocean, which started in 2009 and covers basic Ocean bathymetry (ocean floors).

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Buffalo goes both ways with innovative USB hub

Buffalo bi-directional USB Hub

I’ve never liked messing around with standard USB plugs. I just came to this realization, thanks to Buffalo’s new USB hub. Rectangular, Type A plugs have been around since the advent of USB, and although ports have migrated since to the front of computers (and elsewhere) in an attempt to make our lives more convenient, I still try plugging them in twice; the wrong way and the right…always in that order.

Buffalo Kokuyo, the Japanese division of Buffalo Technology, have finally solved the riddle to this minor annoyance (and occasionally damaged ports). Their new USB hub lets you plug in your devices any way you damn well please, thank you very much. Continue reading

Google Augmented Reality Glasses arriving this year

Google Glasses MockupGoogle looks to put Augmented Reality technology where it belongs – right in front of our eyes.

Augmented Reality (AR) has come a long way in the past year. From the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita bundled with simple AR games that turn your table into a (literal) gaming platform, to Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s PS Move bringing AR technology into the comfort of the living room. And if you haven’t tried Augmented Reality on your phone yet, you’re missing out. Augmented Reality apps for Android and iPhone have been available for quite some time, and are growing in number. The biggest leap forward, however, will be Google’s own hardware – a pair of wearable AR glasses, in the late stages of development and rumored to be released this year, possibly unveiled at the Google I/O in June.

But just what is Augmented Reality? In its simplest form, AR is computer generated content that augments a live view of the real world. By this definition we’ve already been doing this for years, for example sports analysts digitally inserting graphics on the field as we watch the game. And while newer, interactive forms of AR like consoles and phones are impressive; having the entire Google ecosystem augmenting wherever you see will open up a whole new dimension. Here’s what we know about Google’s AR glasses so far:

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