Greatest Floppy Music of All Time

Floppy Drive Greatest HitsThose of us old enough to remember floppy drives may have fond memories of single / double density, 1.44 MB and the sweet sounds of read/write – almost as ubiquitous as sound of dial-up. But we’ve moved on to more sophisticated technology…or have we?

A few people are defying the times,  using Arduino microcontrollers to unearth the musical secrets buried beneath their cold, hard exterior: A new renaissance of floppy music is born. And if you’re a technophile like me, it’s a sweet sound indeed. Without further ado, below are my top picks for Greatest Floppy Music of All Time:

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Here come the flying cars

Flying Cars

Flying cars have previously only been the stuff of science fiction; limited to movies, digital trickery, or even balloons that look like cars. However, there are several cars actually flying today. The Terrafugia Transition, Pal-V, Parajet SkyCar, I-TEC Maverick, and U-Turn S-trike are all radically different from one another, yet all have earned their flight wings. While it won’t be cheap, here’s a few you can take your wheels to the sky:

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Google self-driving car takes maiden voyage with legally blind man [Video]

Google Self Driving CarThe first official outing of Google’s high-tech autonomous car was a success, taking Steven Mahan, a legally blind man with a 95% vision impairment, through a Taco Bell drive thru and to pick up his dry cleaning. Throughout the video, Mahan’s hands don’t touch the wheel, while the car’s radars, cameras, and lasers do all the work for him. After hitting the drive thru, he eats the taco using both hands, while the car motors along.

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Flashkus Paper Disposable USB Drive – Tear it and share it

Flashkus disposable USB driveIf you have trouble lending out your shiny, expensive USB key or keep losing it when you need it most, Flashkus now has the answer. No, you probably won’t want to make this your main Ubuntu USB drive or daily driver to install Windows 7 from a USB drive – it can literally bend with 1 finger and succumb to a few raindrops. But for quick sharing (there’s even a box you can write in) or having a few “just in case”, this seems like a great idea. “Format USB Flash” can now be is as easy as tearing off a new one.

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Mountek MT5000-C Review

The Mountek Universal CD Slot Car Mount puts your smartphone (or GPS) right where you need it, and away from your vents and windshield.

Mountek MT5000-C Universal CD Slot Car Mount

If you have a smartphone and drive a car, chances are you tried to use both together at some point, to varying degrees of success. This shouldn’t be a problem any more with the Mountek MT5000-C car mount ($19.95 + shipping from Amazon). It slides into the CD slot of your car and positions your phone in an ideal position, just above your audio deck and within arm’s reach at all times. See after the break for the full review.

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Google to get serious with Siri; developing own “Assistant”

Apple Siri Google AssistantSoon we will have a Google Android voice that will have an answer to Apple’s Siri. Dubbed the Google “Assistant” (previously codenamed ‘Majel’), it is designed not only to compete with, but surpass Siri by giving developers access to build apps, websites and more that tap into its power, states TechCrunch. The project is headed by the Android team, with assistance from search engineer Amit Ainghal, and will be developed in three stages:

  1. Get the world’s knowledge into a format a computer can understand.
  2. Create a personalization layer — Experiments like Google +1 and Google+ are Google’s way of gathering data on precisely how people interact with content.
  3. Build a mobile, voice-centered “Do engine” (‘Assistant’) that’s less about returning search results and more about accomplishing real-life goals.

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FlyBoard Water Powered Jetpack lets you fly like Iron Man

Dolphin Water JetpackIf you’ve haven’t seen this before, then you’re in for a treat. It’s a water-powered jetpack that lets you hover like Iron Man 30 feet above the sea, or cut through the water like a dolphin. The water jetpack, or “dolphin jetpack” was created by professional jet-skier Franky Zapata and hooks up to any 100+ HP personal watercraft motor. And the hurt on your wallet? It will run you 4,900 euros, or about $6,400. Compared to your other option, the $100,000 Jetlev flyer, it’s quite the deal.

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Extreme Tech: The F-35 Helmet-Mounted Display System

F-35 Helmet Mounted Display SystemThe F-35 Lightning II, a fifth-generation stealth fighter aircraft from Lockheed Martin on track to replace Canada’s aging CF-18 fleet, has some serious tech on board. In addition to stealth capabilities and the world’s most powerful single jet engine, the F-35 strike fighter has an advanced, helmet-mounted display system (HMDS) that replaces the heads-up display (HUD) for the first time in the history of military airplanes. Being produced by Vision Systems International (VSI) and in ongoing development, here’s what we know so far about this extreme piece of tech, and how the technology will give F-35 pilots the edge:

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Google Street View a Peeping Tom, claims man caught urinating in public

Google Street View Urination PeeingXUFS9EXV2NJF

A man from France is suing Google because the 360° Street View camera snapped a candid of him peeing in his own back garden, and he became the laughing stock of the town.

The camera on the Street View car was mounted high enough to peer into his garden, catching an obvious, if slightly blurred, photo of him in mid flow. Fellow villagers instantly recognized him, and he became “an object of ridicule” in his small French town.

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Lytro Review Round-Up

Lytro specs and reviews of the first consumer light field camera that is turning heads and changing the way we look at photography.

The new Lytro camera, rather than bumping up the megapixels or sensor in a quest to capture more light, captures light fields that let you focus photos after you take them. If you’re wondering what this means, here’s a sample Lytro picture:

That’s some cool tech in the palm of your hand. The camera won the Last Gadget Standing award at CES 2012, beating out finalists including the Playstation Vita and Samsung Galaxy Note. But is the boxy camera worth shelling out $400, and ditching your point-and-shoot in the process?

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