Kindle Fire 2 to feature 8.9″ Full HD retina display?

Kindle Fire 2 Resolutionary

Amazon’s best selling 7″ tablet could be getting a larger screen and full HD makeover, with Taiwanese sources stating that an all new Kindle, featuring an 8.9″, 1920 x 1200 display, is in the pipeline. In total, there could be three new Kindle Fires in the works:

  • An entry-level 7″, 1024×600 model (reboot of the original)
  • Mid-range, large screen version, 10″, 1280×800 (similar to the Transformer Prime’s screen)
  • High-end 8.9″, Full HD (1920×1200) model (254 ppi)

It makes sense that Amazon would want to bump up the resolution of their flagship model, as the Fire has always about reading. Having a pixel density comparable to the new iPad (264 ppi) would definitely make reading smaller text and magazines a better experience. But if Apple releases a rumored 7.85″ iPad Mini, would this put Amazon’s new lineup in jeopardy? The Fire’s success has always been about the “affordable” tablet, so it’s likely that the new tablets would light up the price wars in their respective categories. Would you buy a retina-equipped Kindle Fire, and what would you be willing to pay for it?

via Unwired View


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