Flashkus Paper Disposable USB Drive – Tear it and share it

Flashkus disposable USB driveIf you have trouble lending out your shiny, expensive USB key or keep losing it when you need it most, Flashkus now has the answer. No, you probably won’t want to make this your main Ubuntu USB drive or daily driver to install Windows 7 from a USB drive – it can literally bend with 1 finger and succumb to a few raindrops. But for quick sharing (there’s even a box you can write in) or having a few “just in case”, this seems like a great idea. “Format USB Flash” can now be is as easy as tearing off a new one.

The concept is by Russian-based design studio Art Lebedev.  The USB drives come in sets of four, divided by perforations that you can easily separate and use. They come in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB, and paper means that there are numerous benefits to consider:

  • Extremely light
  • Cost effective (prices TBA, but I assume so)
  • Great for events and as promotional tools
  • Write on them with anything (pen, pencil)
  • Environmentally friendly

With flash drives becoming cheaper and cheaper, it seemed like only a matter of time that someone came up with these. Personally, if they made 2GB versions for $1 a piece I’d be willing to hand them out more willy-nilly than 16GB ones for $10+ a pop. But still, it’s a unique concept that could really be useful in many ways. What would you use disposable USB drives for, and what would you be willing to pay for the convenience?

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via Ecowizer

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