Mountek MT5000-C Review

The Mountek Universal CD Slot Car Mount puts your smartphone (or GPS) right where you need it, and away from your vents and windshield.

Mountek MT5000-C Universal CD Slot Car Mount

If you have a smartphone and drive a car, chances are you tried to use both together at some point, to varying degrees of success. This shouldn’t be a problem any more with the Mountek MT5000-C car mount ($19.95 + shipping from Amazon). It slides into the CD slot of your car and positions your phone in an ideal position, just above your audio deck and within arm’s reach at all times. See after the break for the full review.

Video Review

Design and build quality

The Mountek definitely has a solid feel to it. It’s a combination of thick plastic, possibly some metal elements and rubberized “fins” that clamp into your CD slot. The portion that clamps your phone also feels well-built, allowing you to securely clamp your phone against the foam pads, regardless of size, and with an easy-to-reach release button on top. The real genius of design comes from the clamping mechanism. Out of the 4 rubberized protrusions that slide into your CD slot, the two inside ones are pushed upwards by turning the knob on the bottom clockwise, pushing the outer fins downwards. Finally, there is a partial ball-style mount that connects the CD clamp with the phone clamp section, allowing you to angle your phone slightly in any direction, or rotate it to any angle.

Mountek MT5000-C SideMountek MT5000-C Back


I’ve tried several car mounts in the past, from the official Samsung windshield mount (suction cup, phone cannot be used with case), to the Arkon MG001 (fits into a standard Garmin mount), to vent mounts (completely block airflow). I end up just dropping it in the cup holder, which is a quick but poor substitute. The Mountek on the other hand, is far above the rest – I quickly got used to popping it in every time I was behind the wheel, and could load tunes over bluetooth within seconds. I tried it in 3 different cars (Mazda Protege 5, Honda CRV, and Lexus IS300), and in all of them it clamped securely without any issues. However, the Lexus had climate controls above the CD player that created significant ergonomic issues, so I wouldn’t recommend it in that case.


  • Phone is positioned closer to driver than suction, vent, or beanbag mount
  • Does not block windshield, vent, or cup holder
  • Phone can be used in protective case
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Quick-release clamp makes it very quick to insert and remove


  • Screw position (for clamping into CD slot) blocks a small portion of the display, more or less depending on make and model of car or deck
  • If CD slot is below display or climate controls, mount will block large portion of the display and possibly restrict access to other controls (UPDATE: Can be mounted upside-down, if there is nothing to block below the CD slot).
  • Must remove mount to access audio CDs

Mountek MT5000-C In car

Mountek MT5000-C Horizontal

Mountek MT5000-C below angle

The mount is also extremely flexible, allowing even my 5″ Garmin 1450 to fit securely in the holder. You can also remove the plastic rest at the bottom if you want (the piece has a hole in the center for a power cord, but may block the 3.5mm jack if you use it). However, I found it aided in allowing me to quickly clamp my phone in, as well as leaving the power and volume buttons in a good position clear of the side clamps.

Mountek MT5000-C with Garmin 1450Mountek with plastic bit removed


The Mountek MT5000-C is an ideal option for those who need their phone accessible in the car, and doubles as a full-size GPS holder as well. Build quality is excellent, and although it occupies the CD slot, this means that the phone is always at arm’s reach and vents, cup holders, and windshields remain uncluttered. It’s extremely quick to insert and remove your devices, meaning that it’s easy to become your daily smartphone driver – heavy radio or bluetooth listeners will no doubt be happy to give up their CD slot for the added convenience of the Mountek.

The Mountek is currently available from Amazon for $19.95 + S&H.

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  • Ken Young

    I went to their website and it’s basically broken…they only have one product and when I click the link to it it says “Sorry, the product was not found.”

    • Andrew

      Yeah, on their front page it says they have “supply shortages” and they’re only selling in limited numbers on Amazon. That might be why they took the products down in their online store.

  • HuntAll


  • GadgetsBoy

    Can it hold an ipad?

    • Andrew

      Nope too small for an iPad. I measured it and it can hold something as wide as 4″.

  • Firebomb

    In the video you say that the car display will be hidden if the CD player is mounted but, if it’s possible, you can make a 180 degree rotation of the Mountek and place your phone below the Mountek not above like you shown with your images. If this is possible your cons “If CD slot is below display or climate controls, mount will block large
    portion of the display and possibly restrict access to other controls” can be removed.

    Have a nice day

    PS: Can you confirm if it’s possible to do this please ?

    • Andrew

      Thanks, I made a note about this. You can reverse orientation by removing mount, screwing in 180°, and clamping the top of your phone. The phone will then protrudes downwards with only the screw showing above. Useful if you don’t mind blocking below, but want above to be clear.

  • Ruthiecover

    What are the two rectangular foam inserts for? My package contained two tiny rectangular foam inserts with a side that peels to allow you to stick them onto something. There are actually rectangular cutouts inside the left and right clamps that these inserts can fit into, but I cannot imagine why in the world they would have the cutouts only for you to fill them with the foam inserts. I like this product, but there were NO written instructions included in the box. Big pet peeve of mine. It’s pretty simple, and I have the imagination to go online and search for videos like yours, but why should customers have to seek out instructions?

    • Andrew

      Hi Ruthie, thanks for chiming in. Mine only came with the one big foam insert that the back of the phone rests on (with yellow “Hands Free” sticker). The side clamps have the cutouts in the middle of the foam but no filler pieces, so my guess is they just forgot to throw away the cutout pieces.