Google Street View a Peeping Tom, claims man caught urinating in public

Google Street View Urination PeeingXUFS9EXV2NJF

A man from France is suing Google because the 360° Street View camera snapped a candid of him peeing in his own back garden, and he became the laughing stock of the town.

The camera on the Street View car was mounted high enough to peer into his garden, catching an obvious, if slightly blurred, photo of him in mid flow. Fellow villagers instantly recognized him, and he became “an object of ridicule” in his small French town.

Clearly pissed, the man filed a €10,000 ($13,000) lawsuit against Google, as well as demanding the photo be removed. While his lawyer says they should respect his privacy and the photo was taken without his permission, Google is saying the case is “implausible”.

But the better question would be if the toilet just inside was blocked, or if he should share his unique gardening techniques with us. Do you have any good Street View snapshots or stories you’ve come across? Let them flow freely in the comments.


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