Buffalo goes both ways with innovative USB hub

Buffalo bi-directional USB Hub

I’ve never liked messing around with standard USB plugs. I just came to this realization, thanks to Buffalo’s new USB hub. Rectangular, Type A plugs have been around since the advent of USB, and although ports have migrated since to the front of computers (and elsewhere) in an attempt to make our lives more convenient, I still try plugging them in twice; the wrong way and the right…always in that order.

Buffalo Kokuyo, the Japanese division of Buffalo Technology, have finally solved the riddle to this minor annoyance (and occasionally damaged ports). Their new USB hub lets you plug in your devices any way you damn well please, thank you very much. This is the first of its kind, and for 1,806 yen ($23 US) you get 4 extra USB 2.0 speed ports, and a choice of blue, black, white and pink to match your style. Now as soon as they bump them up to USB 3.0 and stuff them into motherboards, cases and laptops, I’m all set.

Buffalo is no stranger to innovative peripherals, producing the world’s tinest flash drives and wi-fi dongles; and in combination with the new hub, should keep us plugged in without a sweat. Just watch out which way you connect that USB hub.

Source: RocketNews

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